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Dr. Thomas C. Mueller and our team believe you deserve optimal oral health, a functional bite, and a smile you love to share. Offering leading-edge, comfortable periodontal and dental implant services, we provide the care you need to resume enjoying life.

Why Choose Mueller Implants & Periodontics?

Ours is a patient-centered practice, where your comfort and overall health and safety are our top concerns. From your initial appointment through all aspects of treatment, we strive to deliver a personalized experience during which you know you are heard, respected, and in caring hands.

  • Informed Treatment: We are skilled at communicating complex medical and dental health information in an accessible manner. Throughout your time with us, we ensure you understand the diagnosis, elements of the procedure(s) and why it is being done, along with what to expect and what you will need to do. We invite your questions and will address any and all concerns you have, at any time. You deserve to be a knowledgeable, informed advocate for your dental health, and confident in the treatment you choose.
  • Anxiety-free Procedures: From nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and minimal sedation to IV sedation options, we are able to help you feel at ease during your procedure. Being able to relax will alleviate anxiety going into the treatment, making it easier for you to get the necessary care to restore your health and function.
  • Periodontal and Dental Implant Services: Dr. Mueller’s advanced training and extensive experience enable him to diagnose and devise a treatment plan for the best experience and outcome. Whether you need periodontal treatment, more in-depth treatment for advanced periodontal disease, or dental implants to replace missing, damaged, or diseased teeth, Dr. Mueller will identify the ideal treatment approach for you.
  • Collaboration with Referring Doctors: Dr. Mueller is the periodontist of choice for many local dental practitioners. He and our team will work closely and coordinate with your referring dentist to ensure all issues are addressed.
  • Predictable, Excellent Results: In refusing to cut corners, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, and focusing on lasting improvement, Dr. Mueller delivers the amazing results you desire. Your smile will be healthier, your bite improved, and your self-esteem restored.

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Dr. Mueller and our team welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you. We’d like to answer your questions, discuss treatment options, and design a custom plan to restore your healthiest smile! Please contact Mueller Implants & Periodontics, with offices in Corvallis and Newport, OR, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mueller today!